Some Interesting Alternative Wooden Fence Ideas

Basket Weave Wood Fence

A basket weave fence, has the same durability as a solid privacy fence, but the texture is much more interesting to look at. The double basket weave style shown here (meaning there are two weaves instead of one in between each post) lets light and air pass through and gives the fence a soft finish.

Basket Weave Wood Fence Courtesy @robertnehin Via Instagram

Vertical Slat Wood Fence

A typical wood fence features vertical boards or pickets installed with no space in between, and exposed horizontal rails. This vertical slat fence offers a more modern take on the wood fence.

Thinner pickets, made from durable Merbau hardwood, are spaced an equal distance apart. The horizontal rails go on the neighbor’s side, creating a sleek, minimalist look on the homeowner’s side as the fence posts are behind rails.

Vertical Slat Wood Fence Courtesy @saltbuildinggroup Via Instagram

Reclaimed Wood Fence

Look at this gorgeous reclaimed wood fence  Various pieces of wood from torn-down houses and buildings. The fence is a tribute to the beauty of natural wood, as well as the value of recycling old materials to create something truly unique.

Reclaimed Wood Fence Courtesy @detroiturbanartifacts Via Instagram

Live Edge Wood Fence

Cut cypress logs into long boards ranging in thickness from 1/2- to 3/4-inches. The rustic live edges make this fence stand out. The back is reinforced with thick barn beams for extra durability.

Live Edge Wood Fence Courtesy @woodenlaser Via Instagram

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