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Do you need a new fence or fence repair
Whether it is a single panel or the whole fence, Abington Fencing Specialists, Northampton, have many years experience in supplying and fitting all kinds of fences

Established for over 30 years, our team of experts can install an attractive and sturdy fence that will complement your garden.

Why choose Abington Fencing Specialists?

• Over 30 years of experience
• Competitive prices
• All work guaranteed
• Friendly staff
• Free estimates
• Fencing at trade prices
• Qualified

Abington Fencing Northampton Experienced 

Having installed thousands of fences in and around Northampton we have a trusted local reputation that we intend to keep.

We can install many different types of fencing to suit your garden and budget.

Traditional fencing includes Overlap, Feather Edge, Picket, Closeboard and Trellis. It is used for creating strong, practical garden boundaries – particularly with 6×6 fence panels for privacy and security.

Decorative fencing not only creates a boundary but offers an attractive frame for your garden. Beautiful backdrops for your flower beds and garden features, decorative fence panels include interesting constructions such as slatted, hit & miss and lattice fencing.

The names of the types of fencing are related to how they are constructed. Let’s take a closer look.

Overlap Fencing horizontal boards overlapping each other
available with a waney edge design or a more contemporary straight cut finish
offer privacy and security
the most economical fence panel construction

Featheredge Fencing overlapping vertical boards supported by horizontal battens on the reverse
each board is tapered with a thicker edge and a thinner edge
rigid build copes well with seasonal movement
look out for heavier duty featheredge with thicker boards and more supporting battens
offer privacy and security

Closeboard Fencing overlapping vertical boards supported by horizontal battens on the reverse
full perimeter frame for increased strength and security
usually have an extra supporting batten compared to featheredge or vertical
excellent for security and privacy

Latest News

18 May 2024 – For commercial landscape maintenance contact Northampton Grounds Maintenance

15 April 2024 – Storms and mini cyclones across Northamptonshire.  Reports of many older fences damaged.

04 April 2024 – Storm Kathleen about to batter the UK this weekend, hang on to your fence posts!

11 March 2024 – The UK is on said to be on its way to having a record breaking “worst ever year for storms since records began” according to weather sources, make sure your fence is up to it!


Q & A Section

01 January 2024

Q. How high can I build my fence?

A. According to Lawsons, fences constructed in back gardens should be no higher than two metres (around 6.5ft) with those placed in the front of a property to be no more than 1 metre tall.

However, those wishing to build a fence higher than two metres in the UK can apply for planning permission from their local authority.

28 February 2024

Q. Which fence posts are the strongest?

A. 1. Concrete   2. 4x4inch Wooden   3. 4x3inch Wooden   4. 3x3inch Wooden

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