Wooden or Concrete fence posts?

Each type of fence post has advantages and disadvantages.
At Abington Fencing we fit both types.

Both kinds of fence posts have benefits and drawbacks. The following are highlighted:


Concrete is a vigorous material which doesn’t effortlessly capitulate to spoil or bug assault meaning it’s a profoundly sturdy, solid material with a demonstrated long life expectancy. Concrete fence posts are preferred because they are resistant to rot and insect attack, unlike wooden fence posts, which degrade over time.



Because concrete is relatively inert to liquids, mold and rot cannot easily penetrate the material. As a result, anything that tries to get through will likely just rest on the concrete’s outer layer. Concrete is easy to maintain because of this.



Substantial presents have been known on endure high wind speeds in open uncovered gardens and departure with negligible harm. This is especially evident in waterfront regions where they might be close by seawater splash. In these conditions wood that has not been furnace dried then Jakcure® pressure treated will probably break down rapidly in the open components.



Substantial posts are regularly more costly when contrasted with their wooden partners. 

Difficult to Install The typical concrete fence post weighs more than 40 kilograms, requiring multiple people to install it, which takes more time and raises labor costs even further.



The wall boards are not fastened into the posts meaning they can without much of a stretch be lifted out, allowing your property to stay uncovered. They can likewise shake in high breezes so over the long haul this steady development might affect the honesty of the board. 

If the panels of the fence are resting in slotted concrete fence posts, this is a straightforward and relatively quiet method of uninvited entry into a property. The panel will be removed from the posts by the thieves, who will then have full access to the targeted property. A basic and powerful answer for this issue is embedding a Torx Head Screw through the posts and into the rails of a wall board from within the property. A potential criminal is probably not going to climb the wall, utilize a torx head screw driver to eliminate six screws (three screws in each post per rail) from a standard board and afterward lift the board out of the posts.



Compared to concrete posts, some homeowners prefer wooden posts because they seamlessly match wooden fencing or fence panels. Even though concrete posts have a lot going for them, they can look old and lack the finesse of wood posts.



Because wooden posts weigh less than concrete posts, installing them is easier. The typical concrete fence post weighs around 40 kilograms. A concrete post for a fence that is 1.8 meters high typically weighs twice as much as it is safe for one person to lift. This weight difference can also help you save money on transportation costs.

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