Security tops

 Abington Fencing Northampton

Abington Fencing, Northampton

Security Fence tops

Hot dipped galvanized steel anti climb, wall or fence spike. Additional polyester powder coated in white, black or green. Other colours available for large quantities

Cobra Spike Rotary
Cobra Spike Rotary is an aggressive rotating anti-climb wall spike manufactured for high security sensitive installations on fencing

With fearsomely sharp rotating fence top steel blades on a steel tube, Rota-Spike offers insurmountable protection against intruders trying to climb fening

Viper Spike fencing system is literally a new dimension in security - more imposing than unsightly barbed wire, it offers a forbidding deterrent to the would-be fence climber. Designed to form an ingenious three dimensional barrier, these strong 160mm long, 10mm diameter spikes have very sharp points

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