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Mesh Fencing
Welded mesh panels can be supplied in galvanised and PVC coated finish. Welded mesh panels are formed from wire, resistance welded in a variety of heights and spacings. Panels are galvanised and can be polyester coated in a range of colours, and supported on steel section posts fabricated to suit the structural requirements of the fence
Iron Railings
Railings are ideal for sensitive sites where high visual appeal, long life and low maintenance are high priorities. There is a wide choice of designs and specifications available to make railing for boundary demarcation with numerous decorative features to enhance the visual appeal.
Chainlink Fencing
Chainlink and welded mesh fencing is fixed to tensioned line wires supported between straining posts of steel or concrete. Chainlink or rolls of mesh are made from galvanised wire and can be coated to improve appearance and durability
Palisade Fencing
Procter Palisade uses the more secure W section pale as standard, fixed with 8mm shearcone security bolts to two horizontal rails up to 3m, with additional rails being fitted above that height to ensure the integrity of the fence. All palisade is galvanised after fabrication and can be polyester coated to improve its aesthetic appeal

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